Sight Seeing in America- Where the World Melts Away

If you were to go to the four corner points of America, you could not find four more different places from one another. From the coast of Maine to the tip of California to the rocky shores of Washington State with its active volcanoes and nonstop fog to the Caribbean like atmosphere of Florida, the cultures of the many areas of America are as diverse as are it’s people.

Of all of those places, none other is quite as exotic as sunny Florida. As soon as you step off the airplane in Miami, you know you have landed in a place that is as different from the rest of America as the moon is from the earth. There is a feel of being far away, where the world melts away and you can give in and be a Caribbean creature for a little while.

This is what is glorious about sightseeing in America. There are so many exotic and very different locations that you can stay in one country and virtually see and experience almost every climate and environment in the world. Florida brings you into the exotic feel of living on a desert island far away from civilization. But then you can get up from the beach and within a short drive be in the middle of a modern, sophisticated city full of the most exciting nightlife in the world.

You can go on dozens of vacations to sightsee in America and not repeat an experience. But when making your list of great sightseeing spots in America to visit, make sure Florida is near the top. And while you are at it, plan to spend some time there because there is a lot to take in including…

  • Snorkeling in the warm clear gulf waters on one side of the Florida peninsula and in the ocean waters on the other.
  • The amazing theme parks of Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and many more.
  • Ancient mansions up and down the beaches of Florida from the early days when Spanish ships landed here to discover this big new world.
  • Wonderful foods from Cuba, the Caribbean and all across South America.
  • The always unforgettable Everglades that seem like a trip to the Jurassic Period during your brief tour there.

The fun goes on and on. One thing is for sure, you will have at least one new experience each and every time you do some sightseeing in Florida. One time you may thrill to the sight of dolphins or a whale on a whale watching tour. The next time you may go deep sea fishing so far out to sea that the land disappears entirely.

The next visit you may become completely fascinated in the history of this very unique peninsula and the role it has had to play in the development of America. And then the next time you may just want to lie on the virtually perfect sands on the gulf side and let the cares of the world drift away.

You talk about sights you have never seen before. What about the sight of your family becoming carefree and full of fun as they literally transform into Caribbean natives wanting nothing more than to frolic in the waters of the gulf or ocean for as long as God lets the good sun shine down on them? And when you see that family you love reach that perfect level of relaxation that a visit to Florida can give them, you know you will have chosen well your vacation destination for that year.

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