Our Friend Leslie-

From the second we connected on the phone, I knew that Leslie’s passion lied deeply in what she did. Clearly- We can relate.

Before we kick off with our “A Perfect Day in Buffalo” series, it is only fair that we give Leslie the attention she deserves.

Leslie lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and daughter. She loves the area, and is surrounded by close family and friends. She manages a full-time job, (that she loves), as a “badass network marketing babe” ( her words, not ours 🙂 ) Way to go Leslie!

However, she is also on a mission to bring sexy back into network marketing and kick to the curb the “pyramid scheme”.

Leslie is associated with a company called Forever Living . Forever Living is a 40 year old company based in Scottsdale, AZ. Today, they are taking over the globe in 160+ countries. So what’s the BIG deal, right? Well, let me tell you.. their products are the best I’ve ever used. We have even decided to order them to send to our customers! Yep, that’s right.. they are THAT good! They have over 200 health and wellness products all aloe based- and 95-97% chemical free. No toxins, no dyes, and never tested on animals! Their products are safe for customers who are Vegan/ Vegetarian, & gluten-free. And, some even meet the requirement for those who practice halal.

Forever Living leads the industry in health & beauty with their commitment to quality and purity. Forever living in vertically integrated, controlling everything from the fields in which they grow their own aloe, (using only the inner baradensis leaf), to research and development, to packing and shipping. They have their hands in it all! They take care of their customers from harvest to home.

Their business plan is highly duplicatable and easy. If you are willing to commit 3-5 years and work hard, you will see the results. Come on y ‘all- the time will pass anyway!

Leslie has an amazing team on standby waiting to help cheer you on. They want to inspire you and are spread throughout the country.

Leslie can be reached at http://leslieann.flp.com .

I am not kidding when I say whether you order one product, or become part of Leslie’s team, talking to her will make you feel like you have known her forever. We are proud to say that Leslie has become an amazing supporter of Buffalo Group Tours, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings!

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