Steamworks Coffee Roasters- Lockport, NY

We started out our “Perfect Day in Lockport” series by visiting Steamworks Coffee.
Steamworks coffee is located in the heart of Lockport. I hadn’t fully committed to this segment at the time, but after visiting, I knew Lockport wasn’t going to be a place I could just walk away from.

From the moment I walked along the brick road into their simple, but tastefully designed storefront, I knew this place was going to become on of my favorites.

Upon entering I was blown away by the hand painted mural that covers the majority of the right wall. Mural designed and painted by Matt at 12 Grain Studio
Breathtaking is an understatement. It is obvious that only the most creative artist could possibly design something so fitting for this one-of-a-kind place.

Not long after introducing myself to Jon, the owner of Steamworks, did he pour his heart into all the excitement going on in the area. His passion was so convincing that I almost immediately decided that I had to do a segment there. I savored their famous London Smog, served by Jon himself, over a work session that mostly consisted of talking about how impressed we were.

I was introduced via Instagram and Email to a handful of the small business owners in the Lockport district, all who shared the same passion. I’ve been warmly invited into each of their establishments to get a first-hand experience at what they have to offer. Little do they know, Steamworks really set the bar high. Although, I do not doubt that my experiences throughout the next few weeks will be just as igniting.

If you are in the Lockport area I highly recommend stopping in. Whether working, or with your family, you truly cannot go wrong with this amazing café. There is a giant chalkboard wall, board games, and magazines to enjoy while you visit. In the summertime you can enjoy live music, or a seat outside with a great view of the Locks. They also have a giant map in which you can pinpoint (literally) where you are from.

While I can ramble on all night, we hope you visit Jon, and Steamworks yourself. Be sure to tell us how much you enjoyed it, and tell him we say “hello”!

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